21-day Body & Mind Cleansing Journey

Did the Holiday’s leave you a little sluggish?
Did you eat, drink & be merry just a little too much?

Are You Ready to Start off 2011 with Tons of Energy, Feeling Lighter & Mentally Clearer?

Then join me for a fabulous 21-day Body & Mind Cleansing Journey!

It’s time to jump-start & kick your New Year and perhaps your New Year’s resolution to be healthier into high gear!

This is an opportunity to finally make those New Year’s goals and resolutions finally stick! 

So often we try to go it alone, but working toward your goals as a group will give you the support and guidance you need to really make it happen.

What is a detox/cleanse?

A detox or cleanse, (those terms can be used interchangeably) is a way of gently ridding your body and mind of built up toxins and breaking harmful patterns and addictions around food with a bonus of jump-starting weight-loss and increasing energy. You might even start craving “nutritious” food.

Who needs to detox, you might ask…

Anyone who lives in our modern world. Yep, that means YOU. As careful as we try to be to keep it clean, there is no way to escape the toxins in our environment, our food and our water supply.

Get ready for a 3-week journey to improved health & wellness as you gently cleanse and detoxify your body, mind & spirit.

Don’t worry, on this program, you will never feel hungry or deprived and you won’t be fasting or only drinking lemon water for 3 weeks.

You will, however, be eating plenty of healthy, natural and delicious food, learn gentle detoxifying breathing exercises and much more, as you gently remove chemicals, toxins and negative thoughts you’ve been hanging on to but just don’t need!

How do you know if this program is right for you? Well, this program is right for you if you:

  • Feel sluggish or tired most of the time
  • Ride the food/mood roller coaster
  • Have a hard time losing weight
  • Have uncontrollable cravings
  • Have unclear or unfocused thinking
  • Have food allergies or digestive discomfort
  • Simply want to because it’s good for you

Now you might be thinking… “What will this Cleanse do for me?” Well, I’ll tell you…this cleanse will:

  • Skyrocket your energy
  • Squash fatigue & burn out
  • Jump-start your weight loss
  • Decrease sugar and other unhealthy food cravings
  • Boost your winter blues mood
  • Give you more youthful looking skin
  • Increase mental focus & clarity
  • Improve digestion
  • And make you just darn happy you did it

Here is what one of my current clients has to say about
the last cleanse that she did with me…

“I loved the cleanse I did with Dianne.  She suggested it at the perfect time for me (when I was feeling sluggish and wasn’t sure how I’d handle the holidays) and she was so intuitive and supportive through the process.  Dianne explained every element of the cleanse, answered all my questions, and was there when I needed her with recipes, advice, her own experience, and tons of support and encouragement!  I loved what I ate and felt great, with major increases in energy and mood.  I couldn’t ask for a better or more knowledgeable partner on my journey to a healthier self!
Kristen M.

By now you’re thinking, “Dianne, this sounds like exactly what I need, so what will I receive?” 

I’m glad you asked…on this 3-Week program, you will receive:

  • 3 weekly live group tele-classes from the comfort of your home. This is where I will walk you through, step-by-step, everything you’ll need to learn to have a successful cleanse.
  • Group support and accountability – doing this as a group truly helps you stay on track and stay motivated. We’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and share stories.
  • Complete cleanse guidelines and workbooks. (All material will be emailed to you prior to each meeting)
  • Cleanse menu plans
  • Shopping lists of what to buy for your cleanse
  • What not to buy list (Foods to avoid)
  • Recipes galore! Some have said this part was the most helpful and fun. I’ve got some goodies. Perhaps you’ll have some to share as well. Plenty of room to get creative.
  • Food/Mood journaling suggestions
  • Breathing techniques that help detoxify your body and calm your mind.
  • Skin brushing techniques that also help facilitate your cleansing process.
  • Unlimited email support between calls to answer questions and help motivate you along if you’re struggling or hit a bump.
  • Tip and ideas to assess if other areas of your life might need a little cleansing…
  • The importance of drinking plenty of water and chewing your food
  • And SO much more! Including a recording of all calls.

Here’s what to expect:

Prior to our first class together, you will receive:

  • A questionnaire that will help show you just how toxic you may be.
  • Some of the “pre-detox” guidelines and suggestions
  • Call-in information – you’ll need including phone number and access code
  • Class One handouts and worksheets.

Class One: Ready, set pre-detox and week one (Wednesday January 26th at 5:30 pm PT/8:30 pm ET):

  • During this class, I will spend most of the time going over the cleanse program and setting you up for success.
  • We will discuss ideal pre-detox guidelines and what to start eliminating from your diet and how to do it effectively
  • We will also discuss the menu plan and how to jump into week one of the cleanse.
  • Lastly, we will discuss what you might expect, or how you might expect to feel during this first week as well.

Class Two: You’re officially in the cleanse now – during this class, we will (Wednesday February 2nd at 5:30 pm PT/8:30 pm ET):

  • Share what’s new and good and where can you use extra support.
  • Discover several techniques and ways to accelerate the cleansing and detoxing process.
  • Discuss how we can “mentally” cleanse to clear out negative thoughts & patterns as well as negative toxic relationships
  • Talk about gentle exercises & yoga poses that support you and your cleansing efforts.

Class Three: You are just about there, now what? – During this final class we will (Wednesday February 9th at 5:30 pm PT/8:30 pm ET):

  • Celebrate with success stories – we all want to celebrate and share in your success.
  • Discuss re-entry into “normal” eating again.
  • Encourage the new habits that you may want to continue
  • Learn how I can help you continue to succeed in your new healthy & holistic diet & lifestyle…

I am so looking forward to bonding with you, creating healthy meals with you, sharing stories and recipes with you.

It’s going to be great and I sure hope you’ll join our group! I’m even offering this class at a $50 discount to celebrate the New Year!

For all three classes and my unlimited email support, I am charging only $97 (regularly $147)

To a successful, healthy, and happy new year,

Be well, eat well, live well & love well.

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