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The 21-Days to Cleansing & Keepin’ it Real!

The “live” class is over, (until our next) but you can still make the rest of the summer your best yet by listening to the pre-recorded classes! If there are ever any questions, I will throw in some email coaching support for FREE!

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This program is for you if you are feeling the after affects of the holiday food and drink indulgence and are ready to clear out all the garbage in your body, mind and life. 

This program is also for you if you are ready to raise your vibration on the planet and make a personal shift. 

Really, from a detox? Oh yeah, why not?

Oh yeah, we are going to get a little down and dirty this time around. 

Let me break it down for you and make it simple, instead of putting a bunch of jargon in that nobody really cares about.

Here are the Hell yeah’s: 

  • Will we be talking food? Hell yeah!
  • Will we be talking mood? Hell yeah!
  • Will we be talking attitude? Hell yeah!
  • Will we giving the super-sonic loving encouragement and support? Hell yeah!
  • Will be sharing delicious recipes? Hell yeah!
  • Will we be detoxing our bodies, losing weight, eating great and scoring amazing new energy? Hell Yeah!
  • Will be taking a look around our environment and making some changes to support our new bad-ass selves? Hell yeah! 
  • Are we going to have fun? Hell yeah!
  • Are we going to celebrate all of our successes? Hell yeah!
  • Are we going to clear out the cobwebs in our minds and think sharper? Hell yeah!
  • Are we going to detox our thoughts? Hell yeah!
  • Are we going to set personal goals and hold each other accountable in the most loving and nurturing way? Hell yeah!
  • Are we going to release (detox) things in our lives that NO longer serve us and keep us living our best lives? Hell yeah!
  • Will there be an on-line forum just for us so that we can talk to each other between classes? Hell yeah!
  • Will there be gobs of delicious easy to make recipes made with REAL food? Hell yeah!
  • Will there be even more? Hell yeah, SO much more!


The Hell No’s

  • Are we going to be starving and depriving ourselves? Hell no!
  • Are we going to be judging each other and ourselves? Hell no!
  • Are we going to be eating things that taste like shit? Hell no!
  • Am I going to be lecturing the whole time and the only one talking? Hell no!


Let’s re-create FREEDOM in our body, mind & spirit by SHEDDING ALL of the foods, moods and attitudes that no longer serve us well, and let’s do it together!

Here’s the thing… as you can see from the pictures on this page, I have many detox books that I’ve studied and I am a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I have a Master’s degree in Chinese medicine. While that’s all well and good, what I really have is an ENOURMOUS amount of PASSION to help inspire and empower you to life the ABSOLUTE BEST possible life you can!

This Keepin it Real Cleanse is a great jumping off point to get you well on your way to achieving this. Together, we will look beyond the food on our plate, we will look at all the aspects of our life that REALLY nourish us!

Are you ready to make some POSITIVE changes in your body, mind and spirit? If so, then let’s go! Let’s do this together now as we enter the AGE OF AQUARIUS and 2012!

Here’s a little word on the street:

“I did Dianne’s Rejuvenation Cleanse and had great success. The eating plan was easy for me to stick to because of the way Dianne designed it and the delicious recipes she designed. Although the initial 3-week cleanse is over, I’m so used to eating more healthfully that I no longer crave sweets or bread. I lost a few pounds and I feel more energetic than I have in ages.” – Lisa Elia –



“I loved the cleanse I did with Dianne. She suggested it at the perfect time for me (when I was feeling sluggish and wasn’t sure how I’d handle the holidays) and she was so intuitive and supportive through the process. Dianne explained every element of the cleanse, answered all my questions, and was there when I needed her with recipes, advice, her own experience, and tons of support and encouragement! I loved what I ate and felt great, with major increases in energy and mood. I couldn’t ask for a better or more knowledgeable partner on my journey to a healthier self!” 

Kristen Miles, Portland, OR


“I had such a positive experience working with Dianne during my 21-day cleanse! I altered my relationship with food and found a healthier happier me. I am truly grateful for the tools that I acquired during this life changing process.” – Amanda Tuttle 


Are you ready to join the ranks of happy cleansers?


Look, there are many many books on detoxing and cleansing, after all, check out my shelves of books. But what those books don’t do is give you support and accountability, encouragement & love. WE WILL!!!

What those books also don’t teach you is that no matter how perfect the food on your plate truly is… there are MANY other ways things our lives that we need to detox & cleanse… WE’VE GOT THAT TOO!

This program is supportive, loving and very holistic, meaning we will meander through many layers of you to clear out the clutter that’s keeping us stuck and give us freedom in our body, our minds & our spirits…

So, who are you?

You are likely:

  • A fabulous adult woman who wants to take charge of her life & health
  • A busy professional woman
  • A busy entrepreneurial woman
  • A busy mom
  • Perhaps all of the above!

 Chances are, if you are any of the above women, you may put your health and wellness at the bottom of your “to do” list…

 Well I’m here to tell you, that’s not going to support you with any of your goals.

 If you want to be successful in your business, your profession, your relationships, or your parenting it’s time to walk your talk, have more stamina and confidence and RELEASE…


  • Toxins
  • Weight
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Worry
  • Toxic relationships
  • Toxic environments
  • And simply ANYTHING that is NO longer serving you


If you are ready to ROCK THE AGE OF AQUARIUS with me, THEN let’s DO IT!!!

 What are you waiting for?…. Let’s do this together!


 The biggest reason why GROUP cleanses work is because of THE GROUP, because of YOU!!!


 YOUR LIVE Virtual class starts Wednesday Jan 11th 2012

5:30 p.m. Pacific 8:30 p.m. Eastern

Sorry, this “LIVE” class is over, but you can still get all the benefits from this group and the previously recorded modules.

Pre-recorded rockin classes (some live, some just me)

In less than 4 weeks, you’ll be ready to take the rest of 2012 by storm with Purpose, Passion & Empowerment, not to mention new Vitality & Spirit!

(After registration, your special phone # and passcode, along with access to your personal access to our online forum will be delivered to you via email)


Class 1- Wednesday Jan. 11th 2012 – THE KICK OFF CLASS! ~ SHED THE FOODS~

Getting started and setting you up for success



  • Live class plus recorded audio teaching you how to get started and start cleansing
  • 14 page step by step cleanse guidelines and worksheets (HAND OUTS GALORE)
  • Pre-detox planning and preparation
  • The cleanse
    • Menu plans
    • Over 30 Delicious Detox recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & snacks (I’VE GOT MORE RECIPES THAN EVER BEFORE – I CAN PRACTICALLY WRITE A BOOK)
    • Shopping list by food category of foods to include
    • What NOT to buy list

Class 2- Wednesday Jan. 18th 2012  – SHED THE MOODS –

In this class we’re going to take a look around your inner and outer environment, and we’ll be digging a little deeper to determine what moods we might need to shed to free up some positive space in our lives.

  • Live class, recorded audio & downloadable documents where you will learn:
    • Our biggest toxin in our lives that keeps us fat and unhappy
    • Our common shitty moods & how to manage them
    • Tips for creating some inner-peace and harmony
    • How to stay on track with your cleansing
    • 7 tips for cleansing mind, spirit & environment
    • Extra detox support – downloadable documents that include:
      • Castor oil pak–what is it? Why do you need it? How to use it!
      • Hydrotherapy –
      • Dry skin brushing techniques
      • Food/Mood journaling
      • And more

 Class 3 – Wednesday Jan 25th 2012  ~ SHED THE ATTITUDE ~

We’re going deeper yet! Playing off of last class, get ready to shed some attitudes that are keeping us playing small, keeping us stuck and keeping us from raising our vibration to a higher level – that’s the detox part…

But what’s also vitally important here is how to turn these attitude demons around and turn them into attitude angels. We can NO longer let the attitude demons run the show. In this class we’re going to start discovering what our attitude demons are and how to turn them into angels.

Bring your shovel, because we’ve got to dig deep in order to get to the roots, our sub-conscious roots. Once there, we will nurture those roots so that we create the empowered, passionate & purposeful beings that we truly are!

Class 4 – Wednesday Feb 1st – FOOD, MOOD & ATTITUDE SUCCESS & WRAP UP

Freeing ourselves from toxins in our food, mood and attitude will lighten us up on SO many levels. My hope for you is that you’re now walking with a spring in your step because there is more freedom in your body, mind and soul!

Today we celebrate more insights and successes.

Live class, recorded audio & downloadable documents teaching you:

  • How to properly come off your cleanse. Guidelines and suggestions
  • Take away – what new healthy habits have you created?
  • Maintenance-how to continue your new habits for a lifetime
  • Learn ways to continue your progress and how I might be able to help.
  • Your opportunity to share your cleanse successes with the group – Come on, let us cheer you on!
  • Opportunity to ask questions to help you continue your progress.
  • A regular virtual party!!!


I really want to make this program as accessible as possible to as many of you as possible, so I significantly reducing the cost. Normally 4 week live programs are at a minimum $297, but I am reducing the cost to $147 AND if you join us NOW, you can get it for ONLY $97!!

USE COUPON CODE “REAL” to receive this VERY special SUMMER offer!






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