2014 – Regarding YOUR “resolution”, I have ONE question for you!

2014 One question for you

How do YOU want to FEEL?

Happy  New Year

Every year it seems that we are determined to set new “New Year” goals or resolutions, or we are NOT going to set new year resolutions and goals, right?

We set goals in the New Year because we want “things” to change and get better. We don’t set goals/resolutions, because we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure. Am I about right? I know I’ve swung on that pendulum many times.

This year, I was inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. (I love that woman, she is really authentic in her voice,  something I am working towards)

In the Desire Map, (something I have not yet completed but thinking book club in the near future, Danielle asks a simple questions… “How do you want to feel” AND then… 

Once you determine HOW you want to FEEL, then you design your goals around those feelings. Pretty cool, dont’cha think? So, that is what I am trying this year.

The first thing I did, was get a blank piece of paper. Then I started my “feelings” brain dump. Just started writing down all the ways that “I” want to feel in my life NOW. I did this without judgment, and tried to simply just write everything that came to mind… I was amazed at how many “feelings” I could come up with.photo 2

After that, I transferred those “feeling” words/desires onto a poster-board, made it a little prettier to look at 😉

photo 1

Now with that set, I can begin to create my goals with those feelings in mind. Does doing “blank(goal)” help create one of my feelings that I am trying to accomplish.

Now I am not really sure if this is how Danielle does it exactly, but I think goal setting has now been taken to a new level for me. What are YOUR “Feeling” words? Grateful? Strong? Healthy? Inspired? What ever they are, be sure that your goals and/or resolutions match.

I hope that this sounds like an inspiring (one of my feelings) idea for you, if so, please comment and let me know, or if you have other ways you like to kick off your new year, please let us know that too! 

Happy 2014 to you, may this New Year bring YOU every one of YOUR desired feelings!

Much love


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