Top 10 Reasons Why Doing a Detox is NOT a Good Idea.


Here are your TOP 10 Reasons (plus BONUS reason)

Why Doing My Spring Into Summer Whole Foods Clean Eating Detox is a BAD idea!

1.  You might have more energy!

woman jumping on the beach

Eh, who wants that, then you might end up getting off the couch, and then you’d miss all of your favorite TV shows.


2.  You might lose those few inches off your waist.

athletic-fit-slim-female-measuring-her-waist-18475290Hey, I worked hard for those inches, and have become quite attached to them.


3.  You might improve your digestion.

happy bellyHmmm? What excuse will I have to run and hide in the bathroom every hour then?


4.  You might have less pain and inflammation.

healthy mature woman running on beachAgain, I repeat, what excuse will I now have now, to stay on the couch to watch all my favorite TV shows and not be active.


5. You might feel happier and calmer.

confident sexy blk woman in chair

 Whatever, this works for me, it’s my comfort zone. Happiness is over-rated.


6. You might have clearer more radiant skin.

youthful skin LRLW

 I like having adult acne, makes me feel like a teenager again.


7. You might have sharper/clearer thinking, memory and focus.


 Well, what’s the point there? Then I’ll have to remember to do stuff and have to do it!

 8.  You might have less allergy symptoms.

woman on the grass

 I’m beginning to run out of reasons to stay inside!!! See #’s 1 and 4 above!


9. You might just have better relationships.

 women holding hands sillouetteHey, when I stay negative & cranky, I draw other negative & cranky people into my life… It’s like our own little party, and you’re not invited!


10. You might learn to love to eat colorful delicious food. Like this:

Fall abundance

 Or this

roasted veggie salad on arugula

or this

cranberry bliss smoothie

or this

kale salad

or this

Rawkin love smoothie

AND LASTLY – You might end up feeling like her…


YUK! Who the hell wants that?


Well heck, I guess if it’s you, then CLICK HERE I will show you how!

Much love,




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