Longevity is a Lifestyle

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You don’t have to be an Acupuncturist, Health Coach or Essential Oil educator like I am, or a Naturopathic dr., LMT, DC, or any kind of healthcare practitioner to know that longevity does not come from a bottle, or from ANY one thing for that matter.

The reason that I became a Holistic Health Coach, years after becoming an acupuncturist, is because 90% of my patients wanted to know, “what else they can do to prevent a condition to return, or to continue to maintain the progress that they had made”? It’s also the reason that I became involved with an amazing company like doTERRA Certified Pure therapeutic Grade essential oils. (These products are AMAZING) (more on that later).

All of my training, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Health Coach Training, and Essential oil training have a few really critical similarities.

  1. We are all unique individuals; therefore, the “one size fits all” belief system does NOT work. We must take an approach of bio-individuality. In other words, we have to stop treating everyone the same. We have to look at their/our unique constitutions and consider where they/we are now, as far as nutrition & lifestyle, etc., and start there.
  2. Prevention, prevention, prevention! We do not have the luxury of waiting until “something” goes wrong to treat it. We HAVE to get out of the “treat the symptom” mentality, and begin creating a life that incorporates prevention choices. POWER IS IN PREVENTION!
  3. Lifestyle changes and maintenance. Vitality does NOT come in a bottle, whether it’s a prescription pill bottle, bottle of essential oil, bottle of kambucha or green juice… We must make lifestyle changes to create health and vitality and maintain it!

When I teach classes for doTERRA, I always teach holistic wellness. Holistic wellness includes: balanced nutrition, periodic detox/cleansing, exercise (whatever kind you like), stress management, proper sleep, healthy relationships, satisfying work (I LOVE MY WORK), lots of play, laughter, and so much more! 

I will be sharing more of my longevity tips, tools and habits very soon, but for now, I want to hear from you… What is your favorite daily habit that helps you create vitality and prevent dis-ease?


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