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Life  its not a dress rehearsal

Many many years ago, when I was in my 20’s, and I worked for The Body Shop, we wore company T-Shirts that said things like “Against animal testing“, “If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance“, and “Life is not a dress rehearsal“. I think this job and company may be the first time I really became aware of living a healthy life and creating a healthy environment. Anita Roddick, was an incredible pioneer for creating a brilliant life of service, clean living, and a clean environment. She started making natural personal hygiene products in her kitchen out of necessity, and the rest is history really.

I could go on and on about her business practices and what not, but that’s not why I’m writing today. Today I am writing more specifically about the last quote… “Life is not a dress rehearsal“. I recently saw this quote again in an article from Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love.  This quote has always hit home for me, as I know, as most of us do, how short and precious life can be. Sadly, I lost my brother and both parent much too soon, and several other members of my family in a short period of time. Therefore, I often think about this idea of life not being a dress rehearsal. This is it folks, this is the one that we are given, so what are we going to do with it? Or as Mary Oliver says, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

A few other things also seem to be occurring simultaneously right now too. Yesterday, my daughter left with her boyfriend to move to Austin… ugh! Major empty-nesting happening. Although she’s already been away to college, I had the pleasure of having her live at home for the past 3 months, and now she has once again spread her big strong wings and is flying gracefully into the next phase of her life. What more could a mom ask for, but of course there is some sadness and well, emptiness that goes along with that.

Secondly, I am now a 100% home-based business. I’ve had my coaching and consulting biz out of my home, but now I even have my acupuncture practice at home… I love it! but I do have to remember to get out of the house now and then to socialize… shouldn’t be a problem. This summer, over the last few months really, I’ve been spending time doing many “domestic” like things, such as: canning, pickling, making jam, gardening, cooking from the garden, juicing, creating a beautiful space for my practice, painting, decorating and so much more…. next I am going to be making my own hand soaps, skin care & other beauty products using some amazing essential oils!  And what I’ve realized is… I really LOVE doing all of those things.

I love all the creativity that goes into it and how I can express that. I have been kinda geeking out on all of it really. I just get in the zone and feel great doing it! See all my pics below to see some of what I’ve been up to… I’ve even (with my partner) put in a slate tile floor!!

Lastly, I am knocking on 50’s door… I am less than two and half years away from the big 5 – 0! There is NO denying, I am clearly middle-aged! no kidding, right?!?! The thing is, I want to ROCK these years, not just “get through” them. My goal is to make these years the most vibrant, healthy fun, inspiring, giving, loving, joyful, freedom filled time of my life… my life so far that is.

This is really an extraordinary time in my (our) life! My goals are to make everyday the best that I can. To live fearlessly, to love fearlessly, to express myself openly, to feel completely alive in every cell of my body, to live with wild abandon, to see the world near and far, to feel gratitude every single day, to stay present, grounded, loved, to share my gifts of inspiration to all of those around me who want it, and to receive all the abundance that life around me near and far has to offer, to hike, to garden, to cook, to be fit, to have tons of stamina, to have compassion, health and wealth, and to help others have that too…

So tell me then… “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

What are you goals, dreams & desires? and, How can I help you to create them? I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or you can always email me at

Enjoy some of the photos below:

My healing space

Zucchini (spaghetti) with roasted tomatoes - all from the garden

veggies for juicing

Canned pickled zucchini

Plums from the yard

slate tile floor


It’s been a busy and fun summer. Thanks for reading and looking at some of the summer projects. Please share some of your thoughts, goals dreams and things you’d like more of in your life.

Big love,




PS Here is the puppy Grace development over the summer

Grace 6:20:12

Grace 9:1:12










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