Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself as You Transition into 2012

Transitioning from one phase to another can often feel like a challenge. Transitioning into a new year can be just as challenging.

We’ll often make all these “resolutions”, and then feel like a “failure” when we don’t fully accomplish them. I had a moment… okay several moments of feeling this way this past week.

However, when I finally got quiet, and spent some time reflecting, I realized just how many gifts received and how much growth I’ve accomplished over the past year. If you’ve read my recent newsletter, I talk about all I received in 2011!

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Okay… Here is the process I did, and what I thought about:

First of all, set aside 20-30 minutes or more to do this. Start out be becoming still and getting very quiet.

Next, begin by contemplating the following questions. I recommend doing it in the order provided, and write it all down.

 1.   Upon reflection, what was awesome about last year?

  • Consider all of the things that you feel grateful for over the past year. Where have you grown? What have you learned? What new things have you tried? What accomplishments have you achieved? What new skills have you learned? What new amazing people have you met?
  • I find it amazing when you start to really look at it this way, even what most have considered a “bad” year, many wonderful things have transpired and certainly can be celebrated!

 2.   Upon reflection, what are you willing to let go of in 2012 in order to allow more awesomeness in?

  • You’ve heard the expression, “when one door closes, another one opens”. At the time when a door closes, you may experience a sense of grief and loss, it’s okay, that’s normal. Feel it fully, do not deny or suppress it. Feel that open space, fill it with light and love and know that at any moment it’s ready and available to receive the next great gift.
  • We will be exploring much of this letting go and “shedding” in our next “21-Day Keepin it Real Cleanse” Check it out, it’s going to be a great ride!
  • When thinking about “letting go”, consider all the behaviors, habits, moods, attitudes and unhealthy relationships that are keeping you stuck and no longer serving your highest good.

 3.   Without setting specific goals at this point, consider instead who you are willing to commit yourself to becoming more of.

  • Do you want to be more of service to the world, more active, more knowledgeable, more understanding and accepting, more of leader, more motivating, more outgoing, more compassionate, or more courageous?
  • What are you choosing to become “more” of to help make your next turn around the sun the best yet?
  • Just a side note here: try to think about this in terms of what you want to become “more” of and not “less” of. Universal laws of energy only understand the positive, not the negative. So even if you’re saying, “I want to be less judgmental”, (which of course we all want), the universe only hears “judgmental”… get it?

Please feel free to share your answers to these questions below and/or leave any feedback or comments.

Big big love to you in 2012 and may this be your best year yet!


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