Clearing Up Carb Confusion – Plus Delicious VERY Low Carb Recipe

chicken w: heirloom tomatoes

 Chicken Breast with Heirloom Tomatoes & Basil

A low-carb lunch

If only you could smell this video! My house had the best aroma after this meal, and it was just a impromptu lunch since I needed to use the tomatoes before they went south. I had already made several plates of caprese with them.

Here’s all you do:

  1. Heat up the olive oil and pop those tomatoes in. Keep them over a medium (ish) heat and shake them around a bit as they cook up. They will begin to start popping all over the place, so be careful not to burn yourself.
  2. Once they begin the popping add your sliced chicken breast that you have left over from some other yummy dinner you made. Add sea salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Chiffon (I love that term) chiffon up your basil, and add it in for the last few minutes of cooking.
  4. In the last minute or so, add in your garlic paste.
  5. Stir everything together for the last several seconds and you’re done… ENJOY! Let me know how you like it!
This is really a simple and delicious way to enjoy a healthy protein packed, low carb lunch. You will have great energy after your meal and not get all the sleepiness that carbs tend to bring during the day.

Carbs can cause a lot of confusion for many people, that is why I’ve dedicated an entire module (see below)  in my F’-Word home-study program. Read all about what I cover in this module, and check out the program here!–>>F’ WORD<<– You can even watch the video where I use the F word! 

Module 4 – Do these Carbs make me look FAT? I am feeling Carb Crazy!

Are you still confused about carbohydrates? Do you hear conflicting reports about whether or not they are good for you? Do you wonder if carbs make you fat?


  • In this module, I will help to FINALLY demystify the carb craze.
  • You will learn whether carbs are good or bad for you
  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Tip – Carbohydrates, Sugar and Qi
  • You will learn what the heck the difference between a simple carbohydrate and a complex carbohydrate, it’s really not that complex
  • I will share with you what I consider the PERFECT grain… (It’s one of my favorites too)
  • You will learn how easy it is to buy and prepare this great grain
  • And, as I love to do, I will share some delicious, satisfying and easy recipes

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