What I Learned From “So You Think You Can Dance!

so you think you can dance

“It’s all about what you do after you fall and you get back up that really matters!” Mary Murphy


Last night as I watched the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance”, I actually found myself with some tears in my eyes. This was a direct reaction to a specific dance that elicited a lot of emotion and led to Mary Murphy making the above statement. It was a powerful dance that represented life’s struggles, and that no matter how many times you fall, what really matters is what you do and learn once you get back up… whew!

I think that we can all use that in so many areas of our life. Our health, our relationships, our careers, our life’s purpose…

I certainly know that I can really learn a lot from that sentiment in all the areas of my own life. I was also thinking about one of my clients who just recently had a breakthrough moment with her nutrition. After working with her for a few months to find out what works best for her and her specific bio-individuality, she finally has her eating plan in place. However the other day, she went really off plan on one of her meals and just completely “blew it!”

So you might be thinking what does this have to do with “So You Think You Can Dance” or the above statement? Well I’ll tell you… The most important thing that happened after my client K “blew it” was that she then chose to just let it go and immediately get back on track and her very next meal was nutritious, healthy and delicious! This was HUGE for her because the old K would have completely sabotaged herself by berating herself and “blowing it” all day or all weekend. I was so proud…

More life lessons I heard on the show last night:

  • “They are being stretched physically, mentally and emotionally every week.”
  • “No matter how hard life gets you’ve got to keep pushing through.”
  • “I’m constantly stretching myself and growing.”
Ha! who knew I would learn so much from a dance competition show… I mostly just watch it for the dancing, which is seriously AMAZING! Just wait til I bust out some moves in my Zumba class on Friday morning!
To getting back up stronger and dancing,
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