Are You Down With Some Downtime?

Sunset at the Beach

It’s such an incredibly hard thing for me to completely unplug! No computer, no cell phone (except to take a picture ;), and no other electronic disruptions.


On Saturday, I made a choice to spend the day at the beach! Check out my short video and picture of the sunset. So not only did I get to unplug from all of my electronics, I got to get away from my home as well. At home I can ALWAYS find something to completely distract me and keep me “busy”, cuz you know how important it is to be busy all the time, right?!?!? I don’t think so.

Yes, it’s important to have goals and stay in action to reach your goals, but at the end of the day, it’s about finding balance in your life. I just wrote an e-book just about that, how to find balance in your life using the five elements of Chinese medicine. It also shows you how to have more STAMINA & SEXINESS too, so feel free to download it here for free!

Back to the beach. What I realized yesterday, is that the benefits of taking some downtime and “unplugging”, far out weigh the time away from “responsibilities”. I feel rejuvenated and peaceful. It was so nice to spend the day without an agenda; walking around the beach town with someone whom I did not have to be “on” with. Walking, talking if we wanted to, not talking if we didn’t want to, and being so okay with that too. Appreciating the sunshine and the ocean breeze, and capping it off with an amazing sunset. I think I had forgotten how many amazing stars there are in the sky! Beautiful!

I will be making it a point to get out of the city more often to see the stars! How about you, are you taking some down time? What do you do to unplug? How do you feel when you do? Would love to hear your ideas!

Until next time,

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