What Does ‘Sexy’ Mean to You?

Sexy‘ is a word that gets thrown around so often and really casually. A few weeks ago, I found myself questioning the underlying assumptions about what the word really means. It’s so often used to describe a woman’s clothes, make-up, hair, lingerie, etc., but when I think about what it means to actually feel sexy, I’m not thinking about what’s on my body. Instead, I think about how I feel in my own skin.

So, is sexy all about how you feel in your body? Is it about confidence and self-assuredness? Is it more of a mood than a feeling? Is sexy obvious or subtle? Loud or quiet? Does it come naturally, or do we have to work for it? Does it come from the mind or the body?

These kinds of questions have so many different answers. And maybe that’s the great thing about sexy – it can mean something different for every single person.

For me, sexy is an inner radiance. Not only is it the feeling of confidence, but it’s also a sense of how you feel in your own body. Sexy is walking with your head held high, and is all about how you present yourself to the world. It’s an inner glow that draws people to you, like an internal spark that shows in your eyes and smile. It’s what makes people turn their heads when you walk into a room.

So many women in their forties have difficulties with their sex lives, or just feeling sexy in general. Perhaps the first step to changing this is really asking yourself what the word means to you, and how you can make it your own.

So, what does ‘sexy’ mean to you?

I can’t wait to see all of the different responses!

To your very sexy self,

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