Don’t Forget to Eat Your Greens this Spring

I was so excited to share with you all about the Wood Element and how it relates to the 5-Elements, Spring time and cleansing, that I nearly forgot to let you know which foods are best to eat to support the liver and to detox. I’ve got some great recipes that I will be sharing with you in the Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse that begins Wednesday May 4th at 5:30 pm PST.

Below are some great foods that will help you detox and help you relieve Liver stagnation… This will help free the flow of liver qi and help your liver function more effectively. Your liver will thank you and you will beam with vibrancy!

  1. First and foremost, we should start by simply eating less. I’m not talking about deprivation and starvation. We as a nation, generally consume way too much food. We really do not need the volume of food that we are taking in. Also, when we are eating the “right” foods, that are nutrient dense, we will be satiated and energized with less. (this gives our liver a rest)
  2. It’s also a good idea to decrease and/or eliminate heavy and hydrogenated poor quality fats as well as processed and refined foods. These foods really muck up your liver. Your liver will thank you.
  3. Spring is the season of renewal and youth. This is a great time to incorporate young greens; mustard greens, dandelion, watercress, and arugula. Other bitter foods such as romaine lettuce, beet greens, asparagus, amaranth and quinoa. Detoxifying the liver foods include: celery, seaweeds (kelp), lettuces, cucumber watercress, millet, chlorophyll rich foods; kale, collards, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass alfalfa, parsley.

These foods are going to make you feel great! I will share more with you on the Rejuvenation Cleanse, more foods and even possible supplements you can choose to take that will also help you to detox and support your liver.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the next element… Wood creates….???

Love well,

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