Anti-Aging Make-up Tips for Women Over 40—They Really Work!

Anti-Aging Make-up Tips for Women Over 40—They Really Work!

DO wear less foundation or switch to a tinted moisturizer. Heavy foundation will settle in wrinkles and exaggerate facial lines.

DON’T wear matte make-up. Use dewy, sheer formulas that reflect light, instead of dulling your skin.

DO use as many all-natural products as possible. As skin ages it becomes far more sensitive and reactive to artificial ingredients.

DON’T line the lips with dark lip pencils that feather and bleed. Use moisturizing lipsticks combined with soft glosses and go for depth instead.

DO use the new transparent, light cream blushes. Stay away from drying powders or heavy creams that “stain” the cheeks.

DON’T create sharp, dark eyebrows with hard lines. Use more natural colors with a fuller shape.

DO CELEBRATE YOUR AGE and the wisdom that comes with it! Confidence and happiness will always make you look more beautiful!

Thanks for these wonderful tips from Dr. Susan Lark

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