Confession time… I really don’t like exercise!

This blog of mine often leads me to confessions, see my Coffee Confession post. My confession today is, as it states in the title, I really don’t like exercise. Well, that’s not completely true, there are things that I do like to do, that actually have the affect of exercise.

For instance, as some of you may know, I absolutely LOVE Zumba. For those of you who don’t know what Zumba is, I wrote about it when I first fell in love with it, you can check out my Zumba post too if you’d like. With Zumba, an hour flies by, I smile the entire time, I sweat like crazy and my heart rate is up. That is exercise that just feels like down right fun to me. I think if I could swing it, I’d Zumba every day; which leads me to my actual point of this post…

I have decided to put myself on a 30 day challenge. I will  challenge myself to get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day for the next 30 days starting today! After coaching one of my Holistic Health and Nutrition clients today and encouraging her to start an exercise plan, I realized I really have to walk my talk.

Now I wasn’t going to share this personal challenge with anyone, but then I realized, as a Health Coach, one of my biggest roles that I play is that of accountability partner. So when my client and I together set goals for them at each session, it is more likely that they will be motivated to report back attempting or succeeding their goals. And I am their biggest cheerleader!

It is my hope that by writing this post, you will be my accountability partner and I will stay on track with my goal. So here I am, Day 1 and I did, well yes you guessed it, 1 hour of Zumba today, and as usual, I feel great!

Also, if any of you want to hop on board with me with your own 30 day challenge, we can support each other through the process…

Thanks for reading, and I will be back periodically to report on my success, unfortunately, it won’t always be an hour of Zumba 🙁

Feel free to leave a comment below, for encouragement or for your own 30-day challenge.

Be Well,

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