Day One in Paris

As exhausted as I was landing in Paris at 7:30 a.m., I was also exhilarated! I was seeing my daughter for the first time in over 5 months and in France for the first time.

Our first day was full! We went to the flat where my daughter has been living with her host parents Ghislan and Samir and their baby Nathaniel. After appropriate greetings, Nicole and I were off for a long walk in her neighborhood on the outside of the center of Paris.

We walked for about an hour and a half. Our first mission was to find fresh bread and cheese for our walk… We did and we found a beautiful open air market with amazing and beautiful fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, poultry, fish and flowers. After finding our fresh out of the oven, still warm bread, we continued our walk through a beautiful green pathway. (see video below). After our walk we went back home to a freshly prepared lunch of Moroccan cous cous and vegetables and a little wine of course :-)!

After lunch, we took the metro into the center where we saw the Place de Bastille, Louvre, Jardins d Tuileries (Tuilerie Garden) & Place de la Concorde. In Tuilerie Gardens, there were two large duck ponds where we proceded to take a long nap in the sun before heading back to the flat for a Pique Nique  (picnic) by the lake, lovingly prepared by Nicoles’s host family…

After a long day and an episode of Friends online, I passed out for 10 hours of sleep. Now it’s past midnight on day two and I am still awake… Enjoy the short video that gives a quick run-down of day one’s events… A vientot…

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