Your Top 5 Energy Drainers!

I wrote this article for my dear friend Susan Liddy, but realized what good information it is that I wanted to share it with all of you… Susan has an amazing blog and is a Life Coach  supporting women to become empowered! Click here to check it out…………….. Enjoy the article!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my nutritional and well-being education, it’s that there is no such thing as the Right Answer. There is no one, magic ingredient or secret to a healthy lifestyle.

What I want to share with you today are the top five, most common energy suckers in our world: dehydration, inactivity, overeating, under-eating, and sleep deprivation.

  1. Dehydration: Now, I know that I just said that there’s no super secret to good energy, but if there were, it would definitely be water. Dehydration can cause so many different issues in our bodies, including headaches, fatigue, and general lethargy
  2. Inactivity: It may sound counterintuitive, but one thing that could be making you tired is actually lack of movement and exercise! Keeping your blood pumping could make all the difference in your energy levels and general mood, and even doing something as simple as a ten-minute walk every day is great, although 30 is better :-)!
  3. Overeating: We all know that dietary choices are some of the most important daily and long-term decisions that we can make for our general health, but that doesn’t just mean monitoring what we eat, but also how much we eat. Overeating can make us feel groggy and fatigued, especially since our body will be expending so much energy in digesting too much food, our brains can be deprived of the fuel it needs. I regularly give clients helpful tips & strategies on how to monitor themselves to maximize their energy, I can help you too!
  4. Under-eating: On the other side of the same coin is under-eating. Not giving your body enough fuel will make your blood sugar plummet, dragging your daily energy down. Skipping meals or letting too much time pass between meals are recipes for low-energy. I will be discussing the benefits of having smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day during an upcoming tele-seminar series. I will also be giving you the tools to take control of your diet and energy.
  5. STOP!! Don't Do It!

    Sleep Deprivation: And of course, the biggest energy-thief of all: lack of sleep. Most people do not get enough sleep on a nightly basis, and it’s doing more than making them yawn throughout the day. Habitual sleep deprivation can lead to chronic fatigue, as well as a lot of other mental and physical health issues.

Of course, while there’s definitely no one perfect solution, there are certainly more than five, too. These keys to incredible energy are just the beginning in building your healthy, energy arsenal, and like I said at the beginning, there is no one, magic ingredient or secret to a healthy lifestyle, and that is why I’m offering a FREE tele- class called “The 3 Biggest Myths That Are Draining Your Energy!” to offer you strategies for your road to a healthier, more energetic life.

So I invite you to join me Monday, April 19th at 1pm PDT for a lively and informative 60-minute tele-class. Simply click here and enter your name and email for the call in details… Hope to see you there!

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