Go Ahead, Enjoy That Glass of Wine & the Health Benefits Too!

Whenever I talk to my daughter who is currently studying in Paris, she can’t stop talking about all of the amazing food she’s eating, not to mention the fantastic wine that goes with it. The question that keeps popping into my mind is how is she not gaining so much weight? All she does is eat bread and cheese! What is that French secret???

As it turns out, I’m not the only one asking. For years now, nutritionists and researchers have been trying to figure out what they call the French Paradox: how can people who are infamous for smoking and eating foods with high fat content not only stay fit, but also have such low rates of cancer and heart disease?

Recent studies have found that the food the French eat may not be the key to their bonne santé: it may be what they’re drinking with dinner.

Red wine is not only delicious, but it also packed with powerful antioxidants and a compound called resveratrol. In wine, it comes from the skin and seeds of grapes. Researchers have found that resveratrol combats both the effects of aging and other diseases on a cellular level.

The most exciting research being done shows that resveratrol helps protect your cells from those nasty free radicals, lower your blood pressure, boost your heart health, inhibit the spread of cancer, and even prevent Alzheimer’s.

As great as this all is, the biggest problem seems to be finding a sufficient source of this super-compound. While red wine is a great source, it has been found that you’d need several bottles of wine per day just to achieve the full effect, and of course, all things are good in moderation.

Along with red wine, grapes, cranberries, blueberries, and peanuts are all sources of resveratrol. Working these raw foods into your diet is key to getting resveratrol, as well as a lot of other excellent vitamins. Another thing to keep in mind when you’re doing your grocery shopping is to go for natural foods that are packed with antioxidants, which protect cells from free radicals, and are great tools for fighting the effects of aging. Some of my favorite antioxidant foods include broccoli, beans, artichokes, and strawberries.

Try to add as many of these foods into your diet, and remember, do as the French do, and sip on a glass of red wine with dinner, you know, for health purposes. 😉

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