Self Love: What Does it Mean to You?

What comes to your mind when you read the words “self love”?

Some women find this term confusing. They may have been given a message all their lives that if you want to be a good person, you must be self-less. This is simply not true. You can love yourself (in a healthy way) yet at the same time show love for others. In fact… before you can truly love someone else, you must first learn how to love yourself!

Self love has deep meaning. The degree to which you love yourself reflects how much you truly can love and give to others. Self love is the foundation for living. It means you care about yourself enough to take risks, meet your physical and emotional needs, and do what’s necessary to create a great life.

What type of risks might you take? Stepping into your fear of the unknown, making a bold move toward something new and different… these are risks worth taking because they can improve your quality of life and help you learn what makes you happy. Improving your life and increasing your happiness are essentially ways to love yourself!

What about meeting your physical needs? Your body requires good, healthy food and clean water in order to thrive and survive. Your muscles need exercise to keep your blood, or life force, circulating. These are needs that, when we feel down about ourselves, we might tend to neglect. Choosing to eat junk foods that provide temporary comfort but ultimately leave our bodies worse off is no way to show love to ourselves! Honor your body, and your body will do its best to not let you down.

Finally, we all have emotional needs: the need to give and receive love and affection; the need to be acknowledged, listened to and understood. All of these things validate us and feed our sense of self worth. When you are in love with someone, how does that feel to you and how do you express it? You probably tell them how much you love them. You probably show it in how you look at them, speak to them and listen to what they say. You show concern when they are sad or angry, you care about what they think. You support them. Likewise, seeking a partner who provides this kind of support and understanding is a way to love yourself.

For me, self love is an expression of devotion toward myself, and a consistent way of being and behaving. Consider this: the more authentically you live by your own set of convictions, the more likely you are to one day attract real, lasting love. That means… finally!… a partner who appreciates the person you are, and is ready to love you precisely because of your beautiful qualities.

So now ask yourself: How much do I love myself? How much do I express my love for myself? Answer these questions and then set out to loving yourself more each day. Today, decide that you are worth it and that the people in your life are worth it too.

About the Author:

Life Coach Susan Liddy, MA, PCC, CPCC is the founder and CEO of, a life coaching company on a mission to empower women globally. Susan is the author of the “Secrets to Ultimate Living; What you wish you knew when you were 20!” and an active contributor to many blogs, including her own blog,

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