Coffee Confession Update! I Have a Coffee Confession…I’m Addicted!

I am actually on Day 10 of NO COFFEE and I’ve got to tell you, I feel great!

My energy is awesome! As a matter of fact, I was IMing with my daughter this morning and blasting out questions to her so fast she told me to slow down! I thought, “I know right, and I’m not even on coffee”.

My energy has been really stable and pretty high throughout the day, I’m getting tons done. I am sleeping like a baby and my appetite and digestion are also awesome! Wahoo!

I’ve been drinking these great green smoothies, that my boyfriend thinks look really gross, but honestly, they taste great!

Aaah, life is good…

Anyway, just thought I would give you the update.


Original Post:

Well there you have it, let the truth be told, I am a Coffee Addict! A Coffeeaholic if you will! There I said it, I confess!

I heart coffee! I love the smell of coffee, I love the taste of coffee. I like sugar and cream in my coffee. I set up the coffee pot at night so that the coffee is waiting so patiently for me as I rise. And aaaaaah the aroma!

No I don’t just have a cup, I have a REALLY large MUG!

aaaah! The comfort of it all ;-)

I like to hold the warm mug in the morning and just sip! It’s quiet and peaceful in the house and it’s just me and the bean steaming under my nose.

Are you starting to understand they way I feel about this…. For awhile, I even indulged in the afternoon. (You know, after I crashed from my morning cup). Well I am a Health and Wellness practitioner and coach, I can’t rely on coffee in the afternoon to keep my energy going, that wouldn’t be right.

So I switched to green tea in the afternoon. After all, it is so good for us, anti-oxidants and all, fighting those evil free radicals. And, I actually love the taste of the Yogi brand Super Anti-Oxidant flavor tea.

So, big deal I can still have my morning cup (mug) right? Well guess what, my body recently told me, “WRONG!”

This past Sunday as we visited my boyfriend’s sister and brother-in-law, I was sort of forced to not drink coffee, as they did not have any. Well you know, I could have driven down to the Starbucks inside the grocery store to get the java love, but Sunday I made a decision to not do it, so I didn’t.

Oh my God did I have a headache to beat all headaches that day! We drove home in the middle of the day and I fell asleep and woke up with a headache that was just as intense… Headache kept going till I hit the pillow at…9 O’Clock, now anybody who knows me, knows that I usually do not go to bed before 11.

Day Two: No coffee and yup headache! Not quite as bad, but add a little grogginess and fogginess along with the headache and that pretty much sums up Monday.

Day Three: No coffee – tons of green tea! Almost no headache and mostly pretty clear of fogginess! Huh?

Day Four: No coffee – tons of green tea! Clear headed and stable/pretty good energy! Interesting?

Day Five: that would be today, tons of green tea! (uh oh, am I becoming addicted to green tea?) I don’t care I love it! My energy is really pretty good and today I decided to start a little cleanse. Wow, look at me, off the coffee and cleansing….

I am feeling really good about this decision to go off of the coffee… I am sure I will miss the smell, and feel a little pang and pull as I walk past Peet’s down the street from my office, but because I am turning the corner and I am feeling really excited about it, I thought it would be a great time to start a cleanse, since for me, giving up the coffee is always the hardest part of a cleanse, so I have avoided them for quite some time now.

So for now, the coffee pot has been replaced by the blender and I started my day with my green tea and a great green smoothie.

I will keep you posted with how I am doing… Please leave encouragement comments for me to stay on the wagon :-)!

How about you, do you have anything that you feel addicted to? Let me know…. I will have more to come about cleansing and cravings soon.

For now, Be Well, Be Energized and Be Happy!

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